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Matt started his fitness journey at Triton College in River Grove, earning his Exercise Science degree and personal training certification. He transferred to Concordia University of Chicago in River Forest to earn a B.A. in Exercise Science. Afterward, Matt decided to continue his educational journey and graduated from A.T. Still University with a Masters in Kinesiology. Still being a teacher at Triton College, Matt set out to The Cooper Institute and earned his Law Enforcement Fitness Specialist certification. Together with Alex, he started BARBELL FITNESS to help anyone and everyone within the community by teaching them the importance of exercise, physical activity, strength training, and a way to minimize health risks associated with sedentary lifestyle and aging.



Everyone knows that exercise is not just good for you, but also healthy and beneficial. At BARBELL FITNESS, we’ll help you find a fitness routine that works for your lifestyle and personal goals. Whether you want to work your core and build up a foundation, get stronger or into power training, or just prepare for a POWER test and pass it. 

We're working hard to NOT be a typical gym like your major chains. The founders hold strong beliefs in teaching proper form, technique, adaptation, progression, and always striving to better yourself - no matter your age! We welcome everyone and believe that anyone can benefit from a set program. A strong body is a healthy body. 

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to help you achieve your goals. Contact us to set a preliminary, free consultation!



Alex got into fitness and exercise in his teenage years as a hobby and decided to go through the Triton College personal training program. He graduated and transferred to Concordia University of Chicago in River Forest to pursue his B.A. in Exercise Science. Currently, Alex is attempting to further his educational background by taking on ACE's personal training certification, a Strength & Conditioning certification, as well as Starting Strength Method Coach certification. Even though he's still not complete with his school work, there is nothing stopping him from opening a fitness studio with Matt to help others with their fitness goals. With the experience he acquired up to this point, Alex is also competing in powerlifting meets and he can prepare you for those as well!

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